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We thought it might be interesting to take a Brief look back at the history of the Lebanon News to find out where its roots came from, being one of Southwest Virginia's oldest locally owned newspapers.

The News began in 1880, founded by several Lebanon pioneer leaders. The first editor was E.S. Finney while the first publisher was Thomas W. Comann. It was purchased in 1886 by James W. Bausell, who served as editor in 1895 when his son, Henry F. Bausell took the reins. "Mr. Henry," as he was known, remained with the paper until his death in 1961. His son, Ellwood B. Bausell, took over management and ownership of the paper in 1934. In 1970, he sold the paper to a group of local business men, A.G. Griffith, Jr., Robert Hillman, Bill McFarlane, Jerry E. Lark, and the late John Paul Stinson.

With the exception of Stinson, the same businessmen still own the paper, with Lark serving as editor and publisher. Besides Lark, those serving at The Lebanon News include:  Wanda King, bookkeeper and receptionist, Louise Yates, advertising manager, Heather Hess, reporter, Anthony Stevens, sports editor, Roberta Robinson and Betty Yates, typesetters.